Free initial consultation from a lawyer

Have you received a notice of termination, a fine or a warning? With these, but also many other legal questions, a free initial consultation from a lawyer gives you initial legal support.

We will put you through to one of our lawyers who will be happy to answer your questions. If we can continue to work for you after the free initial consultation on the phone, we will of course explain any legal fees that may arise in advance, transparently and clearly.

Ms. Roller helped me after my resignation. A very good severance payment could be obtained before the labor court. I can definitely recommend her!

CF in labor law

Everything has been organized here, from submitting all the forms to transferring the compensation. Very competent team, felt very well advised and supported. Many Thanks.

FR in traffic law

Mr. Meschke helped me a lot and explained the facts to me in a very understandable way. And this even on the weekend. Definitely to be recommended!


Personal consultation with a lawyer

Of course, it can be advisable for the lawyer to work for you beyond the consultation. This applies, for example, in the following cases:

Employment Law

In labor law in particular, it is important to act quickly after receiving a notice of termination. The reason here is that the dismissal protection suit must be filed within a three-week period.

If an employee wishes to assert that a dismissal is socially unjustified or legally ineffective for other reasons, he must file an action with the labor court within three weeks of receipt of the written dismissal to determine that the employment relationship has not been terminated by the dismissal.

§ 4 sentence 1 KSchG

A lawyer specializing in labor law checks whether a dismissal protection suit has any chance of success. They can assess whether the termination is already invalid for formal reasons and check whether you can expect a severance payment.

Fine proceedings

If you have received a notice of the fine, the lawyer can file an objection for you, view the fine file and then give a detailed explanation of the objection.

Traffic accident

After a traffic accident, the lawyer will help you enforce your claims. The opposing insurance company also has to reimburse your legal fees as part of its obligation to enter.

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