Focus of our legal advice and representation

Wir möchten unseren Mandanten die bestmögliche Rechtsdienstleistung bieten. Sind auch Sie davon überzeugt, dass niemand alles wissen kann? Wir auch. Deshalb konzentriert sich unsere Tätigkeit Arbeitsrecht und Verkehrsrecht.

Employment Law

In the field of labor law, we draft and review employment contracts or job references and protect your rights in the event of transfers, warnings or after receiving a notice in the dismissal protection procedure.

We cover interesting facts about labor law and current topics in our articles:

Traffic Law

In traffic law, we enforce your rights against the person who caused the accident and demand compensation such as repair costs, depreciation, rental car costs, lump sums, interest on loans, possibly compensation for pain and suffering, legal fees and all other claims from the insurance company.

We also represent your rights in administrative offense proceedings (e.g. after speeding or similar violations) and traffic criminal law (unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident, § 142 StGB).

We regularly publish articles in traffic law. You can find an extract here: