Flashed during the probationary period? Advanced seminar

The trial period lasts two years

From a statistical point of view, novice drivers are particularly often involved in traffic accidents. To counteract this, the driver's license is initially issued as a trial driver's license. According to § 2a Abs. 1 StVG the trial period lasts two years.

When a driver's license is acquired for the first time, it is issued on a trial basis; the trial period lasts two years from the date of grant. When a driving license is issued to the holder of a driving license issued abroad, the time since its acquisition is to be counted towards the probationary period.

§ 2a Abs. 1 StVG

Fine: what are the possible consequences?

Whether novice drivers are faced with special consequences depends on the severity of the traffic offense or the traffic offense and thus indirectly on the amount of the fine.

The evaluation of the criminal offenses and administrative offenses in the context of the driving license on probation takes place after Appendix 12 to the Ordinance on the Admission of Persons to Road Traffic. This divides the violations into so-called A and B violations.

A violations are serious violations

An A-violation results in participation in an advanced seminar. The A violations include, for example, drunkenness in traffic (Section 316 StGB) and unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident, which is punished according to Section 142 StGB. The administrative offenses include, for example, exceeding the speed limit with a car by more than 20 km / h.

B violations are less serious

The less serious offenses also include negligent bodily harm punishable under Section 229 of the Criminal Code. In addition, speeding violations with a car of up to 20 km / h and parking offenses are less serious.

Advanced seminar

If the novice driver is flashed during the probationary period, was more than 20 km / h too fast or due to another serious traffic violation during the probationary period, the road traffic authority will order a training seminar. The novice driver has to pay for the costs of the advanced seminar. This also extends the probationary period to four years.

Franz Meschke

Lawyer for labor law & traffic law in Dresden

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