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Are you looking for a lawyer in Dresden, Leipzig or Erfurt? We are five specialized lawyers and work in Employment Law, Inheritance Law, Family Law and Traffic Law. We love to master legal challenges.

If you choose a lawyer who specializes in labor law, inheritance law, family law or traffic law, you can be sure to have a competent partner at your side. You will find our office in Dresden in the immediate vicinity of the zoological garden. There are branches in Leipzig in the Gohlis district and in the center of Erfurt.

Employment Law

In labor law we represent employees after dismissals or warnings, check a job reference received for hidden formulations or answer questions about the correct classification.

Inheritance law

We advise our clients on inheritance law when drafting wills, draft inheritance contracts or enforce the interests of our clients after an inheritance. In addition, we demand the compulsory portion from heirs or defend against the claim for the compulsory portion.

Family Law

In family law, we represent in divorce proceedings, calculate maintenance claims or help in disputes about the right of access after a separation.

Traffic Law

After a traffic accident, we stand by the accident victim and assert claims against the insurance of the person who caused the accident. We know the current jurisprudence, calculate compensation claims and ensure that all claims are met by the insurance company. If necessary, we will take legal action against reductions. If you are caught by a speed camera, we will check the fine and defend you in the fine proceedings. We are also active in traffic law, for example after an accident or in investigations into negligent bodily harm.

We have specialized in providing initial legal assistance over the phone. If the problem cannot be resolved during the initial consultation, but requires, for example, a legal letter to the other party or the draft of a lawsuit, then we can have all the necessary documents electronically transmitted or handed over in an appointment. Of course, a personal meeting between lawyer and client is also possible at any time. We usually arrange a consultation appointment at short notice.

Specialist articles by our lawyers on legal topics

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